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By monitoring application crashes, application hangs, and application unresponsiveness in a central database, your organization will be in a position to proactively address application issues. You will no longer need to rely on users reporting issues to you as isues will be recorded automatically and then uploaded to a centralized store for later analysis.

Enterprise User Experience Solutions

Why DO I Need This

Estimates suggest that up to 7% of an employees day is wasted working around application issues- application crashes, hangs and prolonged periods of unresponsiveness. For large organizations this figure amounts to an enormous waste of resource, and reduces employee productivity.

Application Issue Monitoring

To date the most effective way to gather application issues is through event logs. Unfortunatley this method is resource intensive and will only provides errors and warnings logged by clients. By actively tracking applications, Hebbian View User Experience is able to provide data that event logs cannot. The Recording Client, which runs on a users desktop, is able to monitor tough to track issues such as when an application becomes unresponsive, crashes, or enters a prolonged wait state. This information is then uploaded into a central datastore for analysis.

Taking Control

Hebbian View Application Statistics GUI gives you the ability to manipulate the data gathered so that you can take control and resolve troublsome applications. Data can be viewed over any time period and can also be filtered by Application Category.

Our built in reports let you slice and dice the information any way you want, identifying application issues that are reducing employee productivity. By actively reporting issues as they happen you can respond to potentially serious errors in a controlled and timely fashion, before impacting further on productivity.

Application Categorization

Hebbian View Enterprise Application Statistics includes an Application Classification engine that lets you see application data from yet another perspective. Applications are classified as work related, non work related and prohibited at a user or group level. This gives great control over who is allowed to use particular applications. Report details include application category and you can also filter data by category. Note: Application categorizations can be modified to fit your business model.

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Hebbian View Monitor provides a centralized store containing details of application crashes, hangs and unresponsiveness. By utilizing this information you can proactively address troublesome applications with no need for user involvement.