Hebbian View Enterprise (HVE) Statistics

With Hebbian, see your business more clearly, from a birds eye view!

Group application statistics in a centralized store and view what applications are being used, by whom and for how long.

  • Capture user activity for all types of applications running on the Microsoft platform: desktop, web and legacy.
  • Identify particular screens, forms and pages.
  • Feed this information to secure centralized store.
  • Immediately pinpoint violations and changes in work patterns.
  • Analyze application usage with comprehensive reporting.
  • Identify unused applications or functions, determine number of concurrent users, identify trends and more.
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Tracking Application Usage

Powerful Recording Client
Our proprietary recording client tracks the applications being used, recording comprehensive information such as version numbers, checksums, user account and how much actual time was spent using the application.

Supports Occasionally Connected Clients
Capture all employee activity whether they are in the office, traveling or working from a remote location. Supports store and forward mode.

Secure Storage

Tamper-proof and Secure Data Format
All captured data is immediately packed into an immutable format using Information Rights Management (IRM) technology. Our data features multiple levels of encryption and watermarking to prevent unauthorized information disclosure, subsequent changing, tampering or creation of fake data. This is critical for investigations or legal disputes.

Centralized Database
Usage Data Files can be loaded into centralized database to provide data for centralized journal, dashboards and reports. Database design and implementation follow best practices for storing private and confidential information.

Secure Archiving
Usage data files are already encrypted with industrial strength IRM and cannot be occasionally disclosed, i.e. the whole Hebbian View set of products is architected for secure archiving and ease of off-site transfers.

Application Usage Analysis

The GUI gives you a clear view of which applications are being used and by whom. Applications are also categorized, providing immediate feedback on the types of applications in use. There are various filtering options so you can view the data the way you need to e.g. by user or group, including application category and time periods.

Application Classification

Hebbian View Enterprise Statistics maintains an Applications directory which breaks down all applications into work, non-work and prohibited categories, so you can quickly categorize application usage. You can add categories for your own internal applications


Built-in Reports
Hebbian View Enterprise Statistics comes with a number of pre-packaged reports that can slice and dice application usage data for a group or individual, and for any time period.

Enhance Your Business with Hebbian View

Discover your application usage with Hebbian View.
Enterprise Application Statistics Solutions

Intended use

Audience: IT Business analysis and planning, Software inventory, internal development groups.

Identify how your applications or particular features and functions are used, who is using them and how much time users spend on them. HVE Statistics can be used to facilitate adoption of Software as a Service model or to identify software or application functions that can be retired or need enhancements.