Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management

Contemporary Enterprise search engines generally calculate search relevance using keywords, document tags and metadata information. While this method works to a degree, it lacks one key feature that is required in the workplace - Relevance to users.

Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management

Enterprise search products currently don’t benefit from added rank, like internet sites do, as employees are not creating hyperlinks to the content they like and don’t blog about pages and documents they’ve seen at work. Measuring traffic/hits to intranet sites and documents is also not very popular as there is not enough user statistics for measurable ranking improvement.

With the exponential growth in digital content, keyword based retrieval becomes progressively less efficient. In addition, Enterprise metadata quality is generally poor due to incorrect data, duplicates and obsolete information.

Activation Based Ranking

HVE Intranet bridges this gap by employing Hebbian's patent pending ranking technology which uses activation based ranking. This tracks activation scores for information that users interact with, to reflect its usefulness.

The ranking engine uses the data collected by the Hebbian View Recording client. This client sits on each workstation and records all documents and sites visited by a user. The client works with all applications including legacy applications

Implicit Knowledge Sharing

Hebbian Ranking does not just improve the relevance of Enterprise searching, it is a tool for implicit knowledge sharing. Since the ranking is based on data collected from search results, users who are actively using portal pages or documents are implicitly "promoting" important information to other users through enterprise search.

As documents are viewed, they are promoted through the rankings. When they are not being viewed, their relevance is decreased exponentially. This technique is designed to treat current information in a similar fashion to the human brain.

HVE Intranet

  • Based on Hebbian patent pending ranking technology
  • May reside on top of major enterprise search platforms for relevance improvement
  • Enables enterprise knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Provides information popularity feedback
  • Allows proactive organization of information

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