Time Management Solutions

Are you looking to reduce the time spent by employees creating timesheets, or do you simply need more accurate data for client billing? With Hebbian Time Management you can vastly reduce the time taken to produce timesheets while providing far more accuracy than can be achieved manually.

Time Management Solutions

Our time management solution captures accurate computer usage by way of our powerful Recording Client, which is then available from within the Hebbian View Workstation application. From there you can add items directly into your timesheet. For non computer related tasks such as meetings, you have the option of creating manual entries.

Increase Productivity

Our Time Management solution assists you with better timesheet and project tracking. By reducing time spent generating manual timesheets, your organization will see immediate gains in individual productivity. Employees are free to spend more time on project work while the Hebbian Recording Client tracks what they are doing and for how long.

Accurate Time Management

Our patent pending Recording Client provides extremely accurate usage data. The Recording Client tracks actual user activity, excluding idle time. This provides far more accurate timesheet data than can be created manually, and in a more efficient manner. Individuals no longer have to record each and every computer related task in a manual log, reducing time spent on administrative tasks. Management will see increased efficiency through accurate timesheet generation.

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Hebbian View Standard is a software product designed to boost your employee’s performance by properly balancing surveillance with workplace privacy.

Hebbian View Online is a web hosted (cloud computing) service with many features of Hebbian View Standard.

Centralised Storage

All timesheet data captured by the Hebbian View Recording Client is stored centrally in a secure non tamperable format. Data can be viewed from any workstation and also remotely. This is especially important for globally distributed teams who can be managed from anywhere in the world.