Enterprise Application Statistics

For organizations to be successful, costs need to be controlled. To date, large organizations have been unable to accurately estimate the cost of software license renewal as there has been no way to measure which applications are being used and in turn how many licenses are required. In addition there has been no way to measure the time a user spends in any given application and whether applications are being used as they were intended.

Enterprise Application Statistics

Hebian View Enterprise Application Statistics provides usage data from an application centric view. Our software tracks all applications running on the desktop whether they are Windows Forms applications, Browser applications, legacy or otherwise. We record the application being used and also documents opened within applications. Our aim is to put you back in control by using highly accurate application tracking that gives you the information required to make informed judgements.

Be More Profitable

Hebbian View Enterprise Application Statistics gives an accurate picture of what applications are being used, by whom and for how long. Our software collects detailed application information including the application name, version numbers, file sizes, the total time the appication was open and the total time the user spent actually using the application.

By leveraging this data you can then start to reduce the cost of ownership and increase your employees productivity.

Data Analysis

Our standard reports allow you to analyse all of the data collected in a number of ways, and across any time period.

  • By User or group
  • By Application Category
  • Camparisons between users and groups
  • Camparisons between users
  • Camparisons between groups

The data collected is stored using Information Rights Management technology, stored in an immutable format that prevents it from being externally manipulated. This provides you incontrovertible evidence of application usage.

Licence Renewals

You can now start to buy the licenses you actually need and reduce those you don't. This is no longer a time consuming leborious task. The data you require is at your fingertips. You can instantly view application usage trends over any time period, providing accurate data that could not be produced manually.

Rarely Used Applications

Software costs can easily spiral out of control, especially in large organizations where it is impossible to maintain an accurate picture of who is using what applications. Our software will instantly let you see which applications are being used, by whom and for how long, and at what times of the day. You are then able to identify applications that need to be decommisioned using factual based evidence.

This not only reduces overheads in terms of software licencing, but also frees up resource that would otherwise be used to investigate application usage.

Proactively Identify Training Needs

Employee efficiency in turn leads to a more efficient orgnaization. The data collected by Hebbian View Enterprise Application Statistics measures how much time a user actually spends in an application. This data can then help you identify users that, for example, are spending too much time in a particular application or document and may require additional training. Using this evidence, you can then drill into a users activity within an application over a time period to obtain a more accurate picture of their usage.

Application Categorization

Hebbian View Enterprise Application Statistics includes an Application Classification engine that lets you see application data from yet another perspective. Applications are classified as work related, non work related and prohibited at a user or group level. This gives great control over who is allowed to use particular applications.

Report details include application category and you can also filter data by category.

Note: Application categorizations can be modified to fit your business model.

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