Whether you simply require a second pair of eyes, have lost a valuable resource, or your resources are fully committed, Hebbian is here to help. Our organization have the professionals that will remove the pain from your trobleshooting projects.

Application Troubleshooting


There are numerous reasons that a troubleshooting project may be required, and with technology changing so fast the list just grows. Whatever the reason you can be assured that we've dealt with similar issues in the past. Our experience with high availability, multi threaded, distributed, data driven applications means we have the experience to take your problems and resolve them fast and efficiently. Here are some examples of the common scenarios we are asked to deal with:

  • Database deadlockls
  • Application performance degredation
  • Infrequent difficult to track bugs
  • Application bottlenecks
  • Thread contention
  • Application deployment
  • Configuration management
  • Integration solutions
  • Service integration
  • Security

Often one or more of the above issues will require a troubleshooting project to identify the root causes and appropriate fixes. If your development team is maxed out on other projects or you would like a second opinion, Hebbian can provide a troubleshooting service that is cost effective and efficient. Our highly trained and qualified staff are experienced in old, current, and emerging technologies and have a broad range of business experience that is sure to meet your needs.

What Service Do We Offer

There are two options available to you.

1. Investigative. We will ascertain root causes and provide analysis containing a detailed breakdwon of the issues and all viable solutions available to you.

2. Investigate & Fix. As above with the addition of performing all required fixes.

Why You Should Select Hebbian

An unbiased assessment can be hard to come by, especially where IT teams have invested large numbers of hours or individuals have 'ownership' of troublesome areas. These types of issues will often be explained away or justification given for the current state. Problems may take time to track, removing resource from projects that are equally important.

Whatever the reason, Hebbian provides an unbiased review as part of our troubleshooting work, delivering an analysis of the issues being faced including design, technology, and process recommendations going forward. Our team have experience with the latest technology offerings while maintaining knowledge of older and sometimes obsolete technologies, allowing us to provide you with the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for your troubleshooting projects.

At Hebbian we see trouble shooting excercises as a means to benefit your business.

We can help

Hebbian have recently undertaken a number of projects where we have delivered solutions to niggling issues through recommendation and hands on fixes. Our clients rely on our expertise and timely delivery. Our people have broad all the required skill sets and a working knowledge of old, current and emerging technologies.

Please refer to the Selected Projecs section below for recent projects undertaken by Hebbian in this area.

The Hebbian Way

Typically, troubleshooting projects are completed within one to two weeks, but whatever the size and scale you can be sure Hebbian will provide a fast and efficient service that will resolve your troubleshooting issues.

Your staff will be treated with the utmost respect and our Engineers will focus on determining root causes and solutions rather than pointing fingers of blame. Our aim is to help as well as educate; carried out in a professional and friendly manner.

If we feel that process improvement is required, we will present this to you and recommend what we believe are the best practices to adopt. We aim to help solve your issues and make you more efficient in the process. That's the Hebbian way.

What You Can Expect

At Hebbian we aim to deliver the highest levels of customer satisifaction. Our deliverables are always of the highest quality and our post project support gives you the confidence you need going forward.

Project deliverables are dependent on the type of project in hand and we will clearly define these during the project assessment and definition phase.

Project visibility is paramount and Hebbian insist on regular project meetings so that you are comfortable with the work being undertaken and the progress made. We aim to provide you with the best service possible and that includes visibility of the work as it progresses.

Selected projects

Please note that we remove customer names and details from the project references due to confidentiality agreements with our customers.

Sep 2009 - Nov 2009 Technology Assessment of supporting desktop applications for a large financial call center.
Assesment of the current implementation and delivery of future design and technology recommendations for mission critical desktop and server applications.
Technologies: Micorsoft .NET/C#, Microsoft ASP.NET, .Net Remoting; C++; DDE; HTML; DHTML
Application Troubleshooting
Technology Assessment
Feb 2008 - Aug 2008 Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Platform custom development and troubleshooting, custom support personnel training for the Management Office of a major corporation.
Redesigned and rewrote one of the largest and most customized Microsoft Project Management Server Solutions in the world. Trained company staff to perform standard troubleshooting procedures of the Microsoft Project management Server Solution.
Technologies: Microsoft Project Server 2003/2007; Microsoft SQL Server 2005/8 DBMS, Reporting and Analysis Services (OLAP); Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 programming; Microsoft .NET framework 2.0/C#; Microsoft Office Integration.
Custom Development
Enterprise Project Management
Application Troubleshooting
Aug 2006 - Sep 2007 SQL/Application performance troubleshooting of a payment clearing center.
Troubleshooted performance problems with a payment processing application and its 3-rd party components. Provided SQL database optimization and application code improvements.
Technologies: Microsoft .NET framework 2.0/C#; Microsoft ASP.NET; Microsoft SQL Server.
Application Troubleshooting
Mar 2007 - Apr 2007 Intranet portal Search relevance tuning for a multi-national corporation.
Tuned search functionality of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server solution for better relevance of search results (part of the migration from the Verity solution).
Technologies: Microsoft .NET framework 2.0/C#; Microsoft ASP.NET; Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Microsoft SQL Server.
Custom Development
Application Troubleshooting
Jun 2006 - Jul 2006 Troubleshooting of call center web applications for a large call center.
Troubleshooted scalability problems and identified implementation code bugs for a mission critical web application for the agents.
Technologies: Micorsoft .NET/C#, Microsoft ASP.NET; Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft AD authentication.
Application Troubleshooting

For the full list of projects please see our Project Portfolio ยป.