Not sure if you're secure?

If you're in doubt that your current applications are no longer secure, require some expert guidance on security issues, simply need some direction, or require full design and implementaion services, then Hebbian are able to help you.

Security Solutions

Security can be a minefield, bringing many technologies into the fray; Cryptography, Certificates, Single Sign On, Tamper Detection, Data Protection, to name a few.

The range of technlogies involved alone makes the task look and feel daunting. That's where Hebbian can help you, as we have experience in all of the above technologies and more. Our many consultancy engagements have enabled us to become industry experts in providing secure software for the enterprise.

Threat Modelling

Software is vulnerable to attack from external sources e.g. other software and users. We use threat modelling to better understand the threats you're company face and so that we may implement the solutions that provide an effective defense. This approach ensures that your assets will be protected at all times, not just today but going forward.

We can help

Hebbian can offer you the guidance you need at a cost that you'll no doubt find hard to believe. By providing leading security experts we are able to develop solutions quicker than other organizations, meaning less cost to you.

If you want to discuss a potential project then please contact us to discuss.

Selected projects

Please note that we remove customer names and details from the project references due to confidentiality agreements with our customers.

Dec 2008 - Jun 2009 Implementation of the scalable, secure and reliable online services for ISV
Enabled new ISV solutions to use paid internet web services and provide charge backs to customers.
Amazon cloud deployable, 24x7, scalable and secure internet gateway web services;
redesign of the company web portal application, implementation of the back office light weight accounting and recurrent billing system.
Technologies: Microsoft .NET 3.5/WCF/C#; Microsoft SQL 2005/8; Amazon Cloud (AWS)
Custom Development
Jul 2006 - Nov 2006 Migration of a Centralized Sign-on Solution for a major corporation.
Redesigned and rewrote existing desktop single sign-on solution for Windows 2000 to support Windows XP, terminal services, fast user switching, remote desktop connections and other modern infrastructure scenarios.
Performed threat modeling and threat assessment for enterprise security certification.
North American deployment (25000+ desktops).
Technologies: Low level windows platform development (windows logon extensibility): C++/Microsoft SDK 32/64, winlogon/GINA programming, windows security and windows local security authority.
Legacy Migration
Jul 2006 - Nov 2006 Remote web proxy solution for a major services corporation.
Designed a remote proxy infrastructure solution for secure internal web applications and remote assistance and help desk functions.
Technologies: Microsoft .NET/C#, C/C++ Win32. Active Directory integration, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server components.
Custom Development

For the full list of projects please see our Project Portfolio ยป.