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Enterprise Project Management

EPM Customization

We specialize in Enterprise Project Server development, meaning that we can perform customizations that go way beyond what you get “out of the box”. As an enterprise product, Project Server provides some built-in customization abilities, but for many of our clients this isn’t enough because they:

  • require project server integration with various systems and applications
  • require custom metrics and reporting
  • use different risk and issue management

At Hebbian we can extend the features and functionality of Microsoft Project Server to custom-fit the needs of your Enterprise Project Management Solution.

Here are some of the things we can develop for your EPM solution:

  • Provide real time synchronization between custom data in project workspaces, external systems and Project Server databases. This data that can be used for custom indicators, reports, etc.
  • Provide custom cubes that integrate with the standard project server cube build process.
  • Customize and extend the built in EPM data archival process to allow for things like rule-based data archival, migration to read only media and rule-based deletion of old/inactive projects.
  • Implementation of custom reports

We can also extend Project Server Web Access, Project Workspaces and Project Professional client:

  • Integrate third party applications into Project Web Access(PWA)
  • Embed custom reports into Project Server Web Access
  • Develop custom web parts, dashboards and forms
  • Create custom permissions (extend project server permissions) for your new custom PWA pages and features
  • Implement custom branding for your project workspaces
  • Develop add-ons for your Microsoft Project Professional client

Automating Installations

Our experience has shown that many of our clients who did their own customization work tended to deploy them manualy. While this approach can sometimes work for very minor customizations, it tended to be error prone and difficult to troubleshoot and maintain.

At Hebbian we use MSI deployment projects that will install your customizations on your Project Server SharePoint servers/farm, automatically integrate with Project server, and automatically apply all required configuration changes. This eliminates one of the biggest sources of trouble on a manual deployment process – human error – and creates a consistent, repeatable deployment process for your custom EPM solution.

Project server Migration

In the IT community, migration projects are notoriously difficult and prone to complications. For most companies, Project Server migrations are unfortunately no exception to this rule, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our expert developers and EPM specialists can guide you through this process. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Rewrite or migrate your project server customizations from Project Server 2002, 2003 and 2007
  • Evaluate your migration strategy and develop a migration plan for large scale deployments of Project Server
  • Assist with data scrubbing, migration, and post-migration evaluation.

Selected projects

Please note that we remove customer names and details from the project references due to confidentiality agreements with our customers.

Feb 2007 - Nov 2010 Microsoft Project Management Server Solution Support technical support for a major corporation
Provide ongoing developer (3rd tier) SLA based support for the Microsoft EPM solution (advanced troubleshooting and development help/advisory).
Technologies: Microsoft Project Server 2003/2007; Microsoft SQL Server 2005/8, Reporting and Analysis Services (OLAP); Windows SharePoint Services programming; Microsoft .NET framework 2.0, 3.5/C#; Microsoft Office Integration.
Enterprise Project Management
Feb 2008 - Aug 2008 Redesign of the performance/compensation calculations and reporting system for the Project Management Office of a major corporation
Re-wrote project management data tracking and compensation calculation application developed by an overseas outsourcer. Improved stability and performance of the calculation run and made it suitable for online use (reports generation went from 2-6 hours to 30 seconds execution time).
Technologies: Microsoft Project Server 2003, Advanced Microsoft SQL 2005/Reporting Services tuning and optimization; Microsoft.NET 2.0/C#.
Custom Development
Enterprise Project Management
Feb 2008 - Aug 2008 Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Platform custom development and troubleshooting, custom support personnel training for the Management Office of a major corporation.
Redesigned and rewrote one of the largest and most customized Microsoft Project Management Server Solutions in the world. Trained company staff to perform standard troubleshooting procedures of the Microsoft Project management Server Solution.
Technologies: Microsoft Project Server 2003/2007; Microsoft SQL Server 2005/8 DBMS, Reporting and Analysis Services (OLAP); Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 programming; Microsoft .NET framework 2.0/C#; Microsoft Office Integration.
Custom Development
Enterprise Project Management
Application Troubleshooting

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