What is a Technology Assessment?

In short this a process of understanding your current technologies and how they relate and interact. In addition we will marry this with your business processes and needs to produce a Business Technology Mapping that is used as the basis for the assessment.

Technology Assessment

With our indepth knowledge of current and emerging technologies, Hebbian are positioned to deliver the best technology recommendations for your organisation. We recommend technology that is appropriate to your domain and that will position your organization correctly for future growth and development.

Technology now changes at such a fast pace it seems almost impossible to keep up to date. Even IT departments are generally focused on the now and do not have the spare capacity to keep up to date with the ever changing technology front. We at Hebbian focus on current and emerging technlogies so that you don't have to; We are positioned to make sound recommendations that you can rely on.

Our reviews pay particular attention to your business aspirations and budgets and we tailor our recommendations based on these facts. That said, if we find that your budget is unrealistic and we are unable to offer a solution that fits in with this figure, we will tell you so and recommend a solution closest to your financial requirements.

Hebbian prides itself on prefessionalism and the ability to deliver solutions that are technologically appropriate and meet your current and future needs.

Why Would I Need an Assessment

Information Technology (IT) is widely acknowledged to be crucial for efficient operation and management of business. Without the technology we rely on almost every minute of our working day, business would simply be less efficient, ultimately removing the ability to keep pace with competitors. Assessing technology is now a fundamental process in a business lifecycle. Technology has become a key cog in the business machine; streamlining business processes, reducing overheads and providing the foundation to be competitive in the market place.

Quite often small companies either do not have the resource available, do not have the expertise to perform such assessments, or may just want a second opinion. These companies value our foresight in an area that is clouded with an overwhlming number of technologies. Hebbian have the knowledge and experience that enable us to quickly hone in on the technologies that will be appropriate for your business.

During a merger or acquisition you are faced with the daunting task of integrating numerous systems. This is a typical scenario of where our service is of great benefit. Hebbian have the expertise to review all sets of technologies with respect to your businesses needs, and provide recommendations that will streamline your business and give the best mix of technologies to position your organization for future growth.

Why Should You Choose Hebbian

Hebbian's highly qualified Engineers are educated in current and emerging technologies. We have many years experience assessing system implementations with respect to business needs and how appropriate technology can help streamline business processes and reduce overheads. Our business is technology and we continually research new and emerging technologies while reviewing current and past offerings. We are positioned to offer the best advice available that is appropriate to your business and budgeting needs.

If you would like to use our expertise to aid your technology decisions please Contact us.

Please refer to the Selected Projecs section below for recent projects undertaken by Hebbian in this area.

Getting Started

Before you commit to a technology assessment, Hebbian insist on a short fact finding mission where you will present the technologies in use, applications, and business processes.

After signing an NDA, we will evaluate your system in detail and host several joint Technology and Process sessions at which we will gain an indepth and unbiased view of your systems and processes. At this time we will be gathering all the required information to make an assessment based on business needs. We will then use this information to draw a technology blueprint which will streamline your business going forward.

Please Contact us » if you would like Hebbian to assess your technologies.

What You Can Expect

At Hebbian we pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of customer satisifaction. Our deliverables are always of the highest quality and our excellent post project support gives you the confidence you need on a day to day basis.

Project deliverables may vary between projects. During the initial project assessment and definition phase we will clearly define all deliverables and timeframes. With project visibility of paramount importance, Hebbian insist on regular project meetings so that you are comfortable with the work being undertaken and the progress made. We aim to provide you with the best service possible and that includes visibility throughout the course of our employment.

Selected projects

Please note that we remove customer names and details from the project references due to confidentiality agreements with our customers.

Sep 2009 - Nov 2009 Technology Assessment of supporting desktop applications for a large financial call center.
Assesment of the current implementation and delivery of future design and technology recommendations for mission critical desktop and server applications.
Technologies: Micorsoft .NET/C#, Microsoft ASP.NET, .Net Remoting; C++; DDE; HTML; DHTML
Application Troubleshooting
Technology Assessment
Feb 2009 - Aug 2009 Application compatibility and code migration assessment of the branch application server software for a major services corporation.
Identified/resolved compatibility issues arising from moving the transactions processing server from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003/2008 and SQL 2008 platform.
Technologies: C++/ATL, SNA mainframe communications, Microsoft Host Integration Server, SQL Server.
Custom Development
Legacy Migration
Technology Assessment

For the full list of projects please see our Project Portfolio ».